Joint Symposia and Continuing Education Courses

         1. Joint KFSHR&RC/NIRS Symposium on Heavy Ion Therapy

         2. Joint KFSH&RC/IAEA Course on LDR and HDR Brachytherapy

         3. Introduction to Medical Physics and Radiation Protection

         4. Introduction to Applications of Radiation in Medicine

         5. Advanced Radiotherapy Clinical Applications

         6. Radiography - Updates and Trends

         7. Advanced Nuclear Medicine Techniques

         8. Radiobiology and Radiation Protection

         9. Scientific Writing and Authorship Course

List of Workshops

         1. IAEA LDR/HDR Brachytherapy

         2. Introduction to Radiation Medicine

         3. IMRT/IGRT:  Tomotherapy

         4. IMRT/IGRT:  Rapidarc

         5. Stereotactic Radiosurgery:  Cyberknife

         6. Radiography - Updates and Trends

         7. PET/CT application in treatment planning

         8. PET/CT QC/QA

         9. Radiobiology and Radiation Safety