MRI: Basics and Safety


Date & Time: 
12 Feb 2017 from 08:30 – 17:00

Venue: Post Graduate Center Auditorium

Coordinator/ Chair: Ahmed Masawi, MSc

Maximum Capacity: Open

Available Seats: 150

Speakers: Abdullah Abu Jamea, PhD; Omer Demirkaya, PhD; Salahudin El Naas, MD; Abdullah Al Hoti, MSc; Mamdoh Saad Alobaidy, MD; Ahmed Masawi, MSc; Metab Alkubeyyer, MD

Course Description:

Introduction to MRI Physics

It is quite possible to acquire images with an MR scanner without understanding the principles behind it, but choosing the best parameters, methods, interpreting images and avoiding artifacts requires the thorough understanding of basic MR principles. 
This lecture aims to cover fundamental MR principles such as magnetism, MR signal production, MR image formation and contrast characteristics. 
The topics discussed in this session will prepare the audience (or attendees) to encapsulate the advanced MR safety and MR applications.

MRI Physics, sequences (advance)

In-depth information regarding pulse sequences, image formation and contrast. Emphasis is placed on details of MR parameters, pulse sequences, methods of data acquisition, imaging options, image artifacts and quality assurance to enable the audience to maximize MR quality by understanding the fundamentals of MR imaging.

MRI Artifacts:

    • Present the different parameters used to judge the quality of an image
    • Describe the factors influencing the signal-to-noise ratio and their interdependence
    • List the different MRI artifacts, their origin, effects on the image and ways of reducing them:
      • Movements, phantom images, flow
      • Magnetic susceptibility and metal artifacts
      • Truncation / Gibb’s
      • Folding / aliasing
      • Chemical shift
      • Cross-excitation
      • Magic angle
    • Present the basic criteria in MRI quality control.

Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers (Diffusion and perfusion):

    • Introduce the Basic mechanisms of Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging Techniques.
    • Discuss the functional concepts of biological perfusion and diffusion processes.
    • Learn and develop an understanding of MRI perfusion and diffusion scanning techniques.
    • Explain the purpose for using each technique.
    • Discuss the pulse sequences of each scan, and the potential benefits for patient care.
    • Describe current applications for perfusion and diffusion imaging.
    • Describe new applications using perfusion and diffusion imaging and their potential benefits.

Gadolinium based contrast safety:

    • Provide an overview of Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agents (GBCAs) different molecular structures and safety profiles.
    • Describe a spectrum of Gadolinium deposition entities in humans.

MRI safety:

    • Understand the major safety risks associated with MRI scan.
    • Understand the potential impact MRI technology may have on safety considerations.
    • Review current MR safety guidelines.

Who Should Attend:

This track is designed for students, Technologists, Residents and Fellows. Other healthcare professionals can benefit from safety lectures to avoid accidents while assisting the patients going to do MRI scan such as nurses and respiratory therapist.

Course Objectives:

After the course the participants will have the ability to enhance image quality with better understanding of MRI physics. Biomarker in MRI will help them to cover the abnormalities with the most appropriate Image weigh and orientation. They will grasp the safety aspect associated with MRI scan which will help the patient and volunteers to do MRI in safe conditions.


DAY 1, Sunday, February 12, 2017; 08:30 - 17:00
Time Mins    
07:30 – 8:30 60   Registration & Coffee Break
08:30 – 9:15 45   Introduction To MRI Physics
Speaker: Mr. Abdullah Al Hoti
9:15 - 10:00 45   MRI Physics, sequences
Speaker: Dr. Abdullah Abu Jamea
10:10 - 10:15 15   MORNING BREAK
10:15 - 11:00 45   MRI Biomarkers I
Speaker: Dr. Metab Alkubeyyer
11:00 - 11:45 45   MRI Biomarkers II
Speaker: Dr. Metab Alkubeyyer
12:00 - 13:15 60   PRAYER & LUNCH BREAK
13:15 - 14:30 75   MRI Artifacts and Remedies
Speaker: Dr. Abdullah Abu Jamea
14:30 - 15:15 45   MRI ACR Weekly QC
Speaker: Dr. Omer Demirkaya
15:15 - 15:45 30   PRAYER & AFTERNOON BREAK
15:45 - 16:25 40   Gadolinium Based Contrast Safety
Speaker: Dr. Mamdoh Saad Alobaidy
16:25 - 17:05 40   MRI Safety
Speaker: Mr. Ahmed Masawi
17:05 - 17:25 40   fMRI (Mind-Reading and Neurofeedback)
Speaker: Dr. Rafat Mohtasib
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