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Instructions for Poster Presentation

  • The posters will be presented in the Exhibition Hall in the North Tower on boards.
  • Each poster is assigned a number as seen in the scientific program. The presenter should put his poster on the board assigned with the same number.
  • The poster size should not be larger than 150 cm (width) by 150 cm (height)
  • Proper mounting items (pins) will be provided at the site.
  • They can put up their posters on Monday 01/03/2010 at noon and leave them on display until Wednesday 03/03/2010 noon. All posters will have to be removed after Wednesday, March 3 after 12:00 (noon).

  • We do not have a speaker preparation room but we should be able provide a PC for speakers who wanted to make last-minute changes on their oral presentations.

  • Authors should take their power point presentations to the scheduled room half an hour before the talk at least but preferable at the beginning of the session.


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